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Update 2018

We are currently updating the site and reloading all the documents and studies. Check out the Reports & Studies – 25 documents have already been put up.

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Final Report of the Peoples Inquiry published October 2007

Report of the March 2006 Peoples Inquiry This report covers all the issues and concerns raised during one week of public hearings at the 2006 Peoples’ Inquiry into the Impacts and Effects of Aerial Spraying of Pesticide ( Foray 48B) … Continue reading

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The Peoples Inquiry 2006

This site records all the material from 2006 New Zealand Peoples Inquiry into Aerial Spraying. There were 70 overflights releasing Foray48B pesticide over 200,000 NZ citizens in West Auckland, New Zealand with the aim of  “getting rid of” the invasive Australian Painted … Continue reading

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