Inquiry Testimonies


Registrations for submissions to the People’s Inquiry opened in 2005 at a public meeting in Waitakere City. People could write a submission and/or appear at one of the public hearings to give oral testimony to the Commissioners. The five days of public hearings in the Waitakere City Council Chambers were filmed and recorded, and together with all written submissions and accompanying material, were reviewed by the Commissioners for their October 2007 Report.

Subsequently, everyone who participated in the Inquiry was invited to give written consent for the publication of their testimony, not only to preserve their evidence but to enable future research to be conducted.

What is being published

Where consent has been given, written testimony is published here together with any accompanying material or documentation. Written transcriptions of oral testimony will be published when funds have been obtained by the Society to carry this out.


All submissions are published with a standard header that gives the:

  • Submission number (can be cross- referenced to the Report of the Inquiry).
  • Description of exposure
  • Name of the submitter if agreed, and
  • Notes if oral testimony was given

For a number of people who only gave oral testimony, the only item that will be published at present is the standard header. As and when oral testimony is transcribed, a copy will be agreed with the submitter and then posted under their submission number on the testimony page.

It should be noted that some supporting documents are not included with a submission for reasons of volume, and – (for considerations of context) – if the submitter also gave evidence at a hearing where elaborations or explanations may have been given, the material may be held over to be published with their oral testimony.

Submissions may have been altered for legal or privacy reasons and for the coding, masking or deleting of other identifying names or items.

Special note re “doctors’.

These are variously referred to in testimony as “MAF” doctors, or “spray doctors”, “Government” Doctors, or Aeraqua doctors. These doctors were General Practitioners from practices outside the spray area employed by Aeraqua Medical Services to assess all presenting cases. [See Report for full context]. They should not be confused with the ‘specialist’ doctors that ‘patients’ were referred to for further assessment. These are consultants in their fields. Where necessary in the submissions [MAF] or [Specialist] has been added to the text to differentiate, especially where identifying names have been deleted.

Ongoing arrangements

A number of submissions were not to hand, completed or signed off when the Report was published. As and when permission was received they were then posted.  Arrangements were also made to add a post-Inquiry update to submissions as part of the long term monitoring by the People’s Inquiry Society of the health outcomes of the aerial spraying.  To date this has not eventuated.


Testimony and Submissions to the 2006 People’s Inquiry

Please treat all the submissions and testimony published here with respect, and honour the privacy of everyone who has had the courage to participate and tell their own very personal stories.

Submissions 1 – 10

Submissions 11 – 20

Submissions 21 – 30

Submissions 31 – 40

Submissions 41 – 50

Submissions 51 – 60

Submissions 61 – 70

Submissions 71 – 80

Submissions 81- 90

Submissions 91-100

Submissions 101- 110

Submissions 111 – 130


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