The Peoples Inquiry 2006

This site records all the material from 2006 New Zealand Peoples Inquiry into Aerial Spraying. There were 70 overflights releasing Foray48B pesticide over 200,000 NZ citizens in West Auckland, New Zealand with the aim of  “getting rid of” the invasive Australian Painted Apple Moth.

The hearings were held in March 2006 in the New Zealand  Eco-city Waitakere City Council chambers thanks to the support of the then Mayor Bob Harvey, and the councillors.

Four commissioners sat for a week hearing the submission of over 100 people from all walks of life, who described the health, medical, social and economic impacts of the government aerial spraying campaign A year after the hearings the Commissioners produced their comprehensive report and recommendations.

The report was ignored and dismissed by the then Labour government. After that, another report was published by the Ombudsmen on the human rights issues surrounding the aerial spraying of undisclosed chemicals over an unwilling population. That report was also ignored.

Yet such an extensive urban aerial spraying campaign has not been repeated, despite there having been further incursions of the Painted Apple Moth.

Perhaps they did listen to the Peoples Inquiry after all?

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